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What is SSL

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It’s the basic technology for keeping an internet connection secure and protecting any sensitive data that is sent between two systems. This mode of encryption prevents hackers and people of malicious intent from  intercepting the network and even if they do, contents of the system will look confusing, thus the word encryption. Making it hard to be decoded.

It does this by making sure that data transmission between two systems remains impossible to read. Encryption algorithms by the SSL scramble data and make it impossible for the interceptor to read.

Information that requires encryption could be anything personal. From cell phone numbers to credit card numbers.

Why you need SSL.

SSL protects your confidential data. SSL does this through encryption algorithms that encode your message with unreadable and not easily decodable contents. Just like using “ciphers”.

SSL affirms your identity.  There is a validation process in communication process over internet protocols. This validation process is set by an independent party called a Certificate Authority. The CA verifies the identity of you and your organization. Once this identity is prove, your website now gets trust indicators vouching for your integrity. This type of verification process prevents what they call Phishing.

Better Search Engine Ranking. As far back as 2014, Google search engine started making rules to index SSL enabled sites faster and higher than other sites in related searches. In actual sense, it is safer to be on the side of google.

SSL is a requirement for PCIDSS compliance.. PCIDSS means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This compliance is required if your site is going to be processing card payments.

SSL is represented by the presence of a padlock in the search bar URL of your device.  

Implications Of SSL:

The benefits of SSL outweigh the implications which are not rather subtle. However we will list possible implications of SSL.

Cost of SSL: An encryption process that protects user information and data the way SSL does doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Services like this do not come cheap. So this adds to the overall cost of setting up a standard Website.

Speed of performance of the website: Encryption Protocols might take longer time for the server to read. So this may lead to a minute lag in website load time.  This lag in load time is barely noticeable in small websites. It is pretty infinitesimal.  

In conclusion, the benefits of SSL outweigh the Consequences of no SSL.

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